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Winter Edition 2002

Robert Kosturak-IdeaForm: The Seashore and Sealife Come to Life
Talented designer helps to make our newest exhibit idea a reality.

Since receiving notice that the museum was awarded funding from the Coastal Resource Enchancement Fund(CREF)to produce an exhibit focusing on the seashore and sealife in our area, we have been pleased to work with the talented Bob Kosturak. Through his compnay, IdeaForm, based in Mill Valley,Calfornia, Bob has been with us from the beginning of this project and will continue to work with us through its completion in April 2002. Bob Kosturak is an exhibit design and museum planning professional with thirty years of experience in the field. The majority of his work has been in the areas of science, natural history, and cultural history. Mr. Kosturak is an insightful strategic planner, project programmer, and information architect with the instincts of a seasoned marketing executive. He has developed a reputation for excellence in exhibit design, integrating issues of content and form to achieve spaces and exhibits that invite participation on many levels. He is committed to creating experiences that are engaging and inspirational as well as designing environments that serve as dynamic educational tools.

Bob graduated from the Pratt Institute with a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Design and began working in the field of exhibition design. He was the exhibit designer for the Living Sea Corporation in Los Angeles, the organization responsible for creating Jacques Cousteau's "Museum of the Sea" aboard the Queen Mary. From there, Bob went to Chicago to serve as an exhibit designer for the Field Museum of Natural History where he worked on the permanent and traveling exhibitions"Man and His Environment." He then became director of exhibits at the Kansas City Museum of Regional History and then Curator of Exhibits and Graphic Arts at the Bronx Zoo. Bob came to California in the mid-1980's to serve as the Chairman of Exhibits for the California Academy of Sciences where he oversaw the design and production of over 30 temporary, special and traveling exhibits.

From the early 1990's to the present he opened and directs IdeaForm. In addition to working with the Natural History Museum in Santa Maria, he has conceived, designed, and produced such projects as "Nature's Bounty", and "Parson's Ships" for the San Mateo County Historical Museum. "Island Heritage" and "Earth Heritage" for the Lyman Museum in Hilo, Hawaii and the California Forest Products Foundation's "Walk in the Woods," that has been on display at the Town Center Mall in Santa Maria.

We are fortunate to be working with such a capable and talented designer and hope all visitors to the museum's forthcoming exhibit will be pleased with what they see. Our exhibit "Seashore and Sealife" will open to the public in April, 2002.


Annual Meeting-February 21,2002 7:00p.m.,The Souza Student Support Center in Santa Maria.


Please mark your calendars for Thursday, February 21 to attend the museum's Annual Meeting for it's members. This meeting is an important part of our year as it is the time when the new officers are announced, the previous year is summarized, and plans for the coming year are discussed. The museum produces an annual report outlining our financial position. This information is made public so our members can be well informed about the state of the museum. In addition to the business mentioned above, an informative presentation will be made by Dr. Bob Field, a lecturer for the Morro Bay Natural History Museum. His presentation for us will focus on our seashore and the tides.

Bob Field- The Seashore and Sealife

Bob Field earned a PhD in solid state physics from the University of Illinois in 1978. He developed advanced laser optical systems for 25 years. As a docent at the Morro Bay State Park Museum of Natural History and the Pismo State Beach Nature Center, he has prepared a series of nine 90-minute fully illustrated science lectures on global and seasonal change, sunlight and sea life, moonlight and tides, bird vision, sunsets and rainbows, and iridescent shells and feathers. He is currently developing an educational program he calls the Global Natural Science Quest. He is adapting this program to provide advanced training for teachers through the Central Coast Science Project at Cal Poly. He is currently supervising two physics senior projects at Cal Poly related to the transmission of sunlight through the atmosphere and the design of a sunlight concentrator based on a lobster eye.

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