Touch Table

A touch table display is set up for the current season

throughout the year as it is occuring-Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer


Here are some examples of the Summer Touch Table display

Find interesting treasures to explore from rocks, shells, bones, eggs, skins and other elements from the natural world

Go ahead and touch the natural items on this discovery table. Everything from a bears claw to rattlesnake rattles and snake skins and deer skin. Always a hit with the kids.

Hands on learning of the natural world around us from our local environment

Sands from local beaches of the Central Coast




Here are some examples of the Winter Touch Table display

Tracks, Scat, and Fur are some items making up the Winter exhibit

Come make some animal tracks of your own in this fun hands on exhibit

Samples of various animal scat


Some examples of the Spring Touch Table Exhibit Display

Seeds, Nests of Birds and Insects and Feathers

Some insects build unique nests - see some examples in the Spring Touch Table Display

See examples of bird homes from around the Central Coast

Student seed project, come visit the museum to find out more


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