California Heritage

California has a vast and diverse heritage rich with many species of plants and wildlife


Collection of Arrowheads

Collection of Chumash Indian bowls and cooking tools

Collection of fossils


California State Emblem

California State Emblems


California State Flag


State Animal-

California Grizzly Bear

State Bird-

California Valley Quail

State Fish-

South Fork Golden Trout

State Marine Fish-


State Marine Mammal-

California Gray Whale

State Reptile-

Desert Tortoise

State Flower-

The Golden Poppy

State Insect-

California Dog-face Butterfly

State Gemstone-


State Mineral-


State Fossil-

Sabre-Tooth Tiger

State Prehistoric Artifact-

Chipped Stone Bear

State Rock-


State Soil-

San Joaquin Soil

State Tree-

The California Redwood

State Flag-

The Bear Flag

State Colors-

Blue and gold


State Nickname-

The "Golden State"


State Motto-

"Eureka", which is Greek for "I have found it."

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