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Fall Edition 2001

Museum News and Briefs

Special Welcome to Our New Members and Volunteers

New Members:

Penelope Hartnell: Meadowlark

Bob Masaoka & Ann Waskey: California Quail

Don & Doris Lahr: Meadowlark

New Volunteers:

Virginia Egelund

Ann Boyle

Wayne Tiffany

Donald Weare

Denny Goodchild

A Generous Gift

Thank you to Ms. Alma Codi who donated a cash gift in memory of Charles Rollini.

The Cabrillo High School Aquarium

The La Purisima Audubon Society invites the Natural History Museum members, and their guests, to a FREE tour of the Cabrillo High School Aquarium on Wednesday, October 17th at 7pm. Please call the Natural History Museum to confirm at 614-0806 or for more information contact Mike Taaffe at 733-5501. Check out the Aquarium's website (http://site.yahoo.net/cabrillo)


Board of Directors

Ann Kemper - President

Soma Baldwin - President

Dean Wineman - 1st Vice President

Gary Prober - Secretary

Bill Orndorff - Treasurer

Dave Francis

Georgia Schrager

Virginia Souza

Bob Sharon

Ron Vilarino & Therese Brady

Caroline Woods

Charles Stauffer

Ron Nanning


Becky Deutsch

Liz Wineman

Alex Rees

Ada Burris

Virginia Egelund

Ann Boyle

Denny Goodchild

Margaret Furumo

Onorina Perry

Virginia Souza

Ellen White

Wayne Tiffany

Donald Weare

Roger Overstreet


Advisory Board

John Sterling

Larry Bell

Frank Ortiz

Richard Block

Angelica Gutierrez

Jeff Foote

Robert Gurba

Hugo Lara

Pat Eggleton

Jack Swords


Kelly K. White-Executive Director

Please patronize our Community Sponsors

Food for Less

Local Copies



The Natural History Museum Membership Application

We cordially invite you to become a member of the Museum. Your membership will help support the Museum's programs for the benefit of the community of the Santa Maria Valley. Name__________________________________Phone_________________________ Address_______________________________________________________________ City____________________________________State_______________Zip_________


____California Quail $20-$99 ____Meadowlark $100-$499 ____California Condor $2000+

____Scrub Jay (Family Membership)$45 ____Golden Eagle $500-$1999

All members receive the quarterly newsletter Meadowlark, and advance notice of special events and activities. Watch for new Meadowlark member benefits.

_____I have enclosed $_________ for my membership.

_____Please accept an additional donation of $_________ to help fund educational programs, exhibits and special projects at the Museum.

_____I would like make a donation of $_________ to the Botanical Garden project fund.

_____Please contact me about volunteering.

Please return this form to: The Natural History Museum, P.O.Box 5254, Santa Maria, CA 93456


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