Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
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"...this last American wilderness must remain sacrosanct." - Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas
Oil pipelines, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
There are 1,100 miles of pipelines, hundreds of miles of roads, 23 gravel mines, 27 production plants, 2 refineries, 3 jet airports and 5 docks for North Slope oil fields.
Source: Alaska Wilderness League
Oil spill from pipeline, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
Oil spill from pipeline, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. There is an oil spill per day in Prudhoe Bay.
Source: Alaska Wilderness League
Leaking toxic fluids, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
Leaking toxic fluids, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.
Source: Alaska Wilderness League

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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: America's Serengeti
Report Documents Damage to Arctic
Report Documents Gap Between Environmental
Promises and Reality on Alaska's North Slope
Report - Broken Promises: The Reality of Big Oil
in America's Arctic
 (1.2 MB PDF. Requires Adobe Reader)

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