Laura Lee Dias: I am a native of the Santa Maria Valley. My family had a dairy in the area outside of Guadalupe so I enjoyed being around animals and even joined 4-H with a dairy cow project in my teens. Live animals were prominent in the family, including cats, dogs, peacocks, ducks, birds, chickens, horses, calves and dairy cows. Today I get to be among many mammal, bird and duck species at the Natural History Museum. The children who visit here are always excited and ask questions about the exhibits. For seven years I have volunteered as a docent at the museum and was on the museum board for five years.

I attended schools in Guadalupe, Santa Maria and college in San Rafael. I have a teaching degree and enjoyed instructing children in the different classes of animals and the countries of the world. I help conduct tours for groups and classrooms today. Our beautiful small museum is the only local museum where you can see the animals and birds that existed in the counties of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo in the past.  Do come and visit us to gain an insight on what was once in our natural world and is slowly disappearing.